Scissors & Shears

Every crafter, seamstress, and quilter knows the importance of sharp scissors and shears. We can make your scissors twice as sharp as when they were brand new. We sharpen scissors, pinking shears, and knife edged shears. We sharpen all styles of sewing scissors as well, from embroidery scissors to industrial shears.

We offer free pickup and delivery for sewing/crafting stores, upholstery and alteration shops. We pickup up your items, sharpen them, and return them to you sharp, lubricated, and ready to sew!

Gardening Tools

Chores are a LOT easier with sharp tool. From pruning shears and hedge trimmers, axes to shovels, we can sharpen almost anything you have in the shed.

Mower blades should be sharpened twice a season, or whenever they are damaged by rocks or sticks. Blades should be balanced every time they are sharpened. We balance your blade before we return it to you.

We offer sharpening and adjustment of eco-friendly reel mowers. (non-motorized). We sharpen the reel and bed knife, adjust and lubricate the action, and clean the mower.

Chainsaw chains should be kept sharp to cut well, and be safe. (A dull chain can lead to kick-back, a very dangerous situation.)

Clipper Blades

We sharpen both removable clipper blades and adjustable clipper blades

Clipper blades need to maintained to cut hair well and easily.  We work with Veterinarians, pet groomers, Barbers, Beauticians, and large animal owners.

We utilize a professional Clipper blade sharpening machine, designed to put a hollow grind on both cutting surfaces.  We then remove side play and end play to make sure the socket fits properly on the clipper.  Springs are adjusted to proper strength (between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds.) and set back is properly adjusted. Worn parts are replaced.  Each blade is completely disassembled, cleaned, and oiled during reassembly.  We test cut with each blade before it is returned to the customer.

You can drop off your blades at our shop, or mail them to us. A USPS small box works great!

Carpentry Tools

We sharpen most carpentry hand tools

We can put a great edge on hand planes, chisels, lathe tools and If your tools are grabbing the wood, instead of easily parting the wood, it’s time for a sharpening.

(We do not sharpen circular saw blades, jointer blades, or planer blades.)

Cutlery & Knives

Every cook and hunter knows the importance of a sharp knife. We strive to sharpen your knives to a razor edge, with the least amount metal remove as possible.

Most sharpening systems stop on step short. We finish every blade with a leather strop. This polishes the edge to a mirror finish.

Many manufacturers are shipping some of their knives and machetes with a blunt edge. We can regrind that edge into a workable, reliable tool

Restaurant Services

Are you looking for Restaurant Services? We offer free pickup and delivery, razor sharp steel, and fast turnaround times. Call us to set up an appointment at your location.  We will take half of your knives, sharpen and return them to you, then take the other half.  That way, you are never without a set of sharp knives.

Or, you can enroll in our “Never a Dull Moment” Kitchen Program;

Each customer in our restaurant program has 2 dedicated knife sets. One that is in use and one that is being sharpened. Knife sets are exchanged every 1 to 2 weeks and are delivered directly to your kitchen. Sets can include as many knives and knife styles as needed and can be changed with the prep needs of your menu.

Service areas include:
Wichita, KS and up to a 40 mile radius

Don’t live close? Ask about our mail services!